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This product shot was photographed in home studio. Below you see the original shot and at the top its after post production in Photoshop.]]>
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Splash https://www.eddeco.co.uk/blog/2012/3/splash Splash Photography

That is my first attempt of splash photography. I set my studio in the garden on the nice sunny day to capture splash on the beer bottle. The idea was to create advertisement like picture of the bear and show this emotion of refreshment splashed with a cold water over beer bottle. This was achieved by using the remote control to capture the splash and it was done over 100 times, after there was selected few and combined in Photoshop. You can see below.

Water Splash on Beer

Some light was added

Edited in Photoshop

There is a lot of room for improvement and I will try to do it in the next posts. 

Please follow if you interested in splash photography.
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